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Our Fishing Grounds

Located on the breathtaking emerald green waters of the Gulf Coast, the TradeWinds proudly makes Destin, Florida its home-port. Once we leave port and head offshore, we have a virtually unlimited number of options for fishing locations. Our Captain will analyze real-time weather and ocean-current data, compile fishing reports, and use our state-of-the art Garmin and Furuno technology to get you on the fish at our choice of literal THOUSANDS of fishing-reef coordinates we have amassed over decades... and we're constantly updating our data and adding more! We will fish a combination of wrecks, reefs (natural and artifical), and a mixture of hard and sandy bottom. There's a real good reason why Destin has long been been world-renowned as

"The Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village." Come find out why....

We may fish any distance from near-shore to 50+ miles offshore; however, as one of only a small percentage of Federally Permitted vessels, the TradeWinds spends a majority of its fishing time in Federal waters (9+ miles offshore). 

Shown here is a map of our typical fishing area(s). As you can see, as you get farther from port, the fishing area grows exponentially. Generally speaking, as trip lengths increase, the better we can access fishing spots that are visited progressively less and less often as you get farther from shore. This generally results in larger and more fish, as well as new and more desired species.

In other words...longer trip (usually always) equals bigger, better, and more fish.

Offshore Fishing Grounds in Destin, FL.
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