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Still have Questions?
Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

When should I arrive at the boat?

Can we bring our own coolers? What about food and drinks?

Is there anything else we should bring?​

Do we need a fishing license?​

Will I get seasick? What if I do?​

You mentioned bad weather, what if it rains?

Can I bring my own fishing gear?

Can I bring electronics?

Can we/will we use live bait?

How far offshore will we go?

What if I need to use the bathroom while we're gone?

Are we guaranteed to catch fish?

Will we be bottom fishing or trolling? Can we pick?

What kinds of fish will we target? Can we make requests?

Will we see dolphins or sharks? Can we keep them?

Do we get to keep the fish we catch? What if we don't want to? Can we sell them?

We're going to get lots of pictures, right?

Are the captain and deckhands tipped employees? When, how, and how much should I tip?

What do I do now?

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